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Estate Planning in Tarpon Springs

Attorney Richard Venditti’s Estate Planning services include Trusts, Last Wills and Testaments, Living Wills, and both Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney. We help people prepare for the unexpected, including documenting your wishes for medical treatment in critical, or end stage illness. We also help ensure your property and precious valuables are distributed to the appropriate people.

Last Will and Testament
A Last Will and Testament is a written document that lists the beneficiaries of your personal property, and real property, including financial assets and other valuables, as well as including your wishes for the care and guardianship of your children. Without a Will, Florida Statutes determine who receives distribution of your assets.  A Last Will does not take effect until after the deceased has passed.

Living Trust
Living Trusts specify when and how your assets are to be distributed upon the death of the last surviving Grantor. Living Trusts are revocable and can be amended at any time. With Living Trusts, you personally appoint an individual or financial institution to administer your trust assets, under the written provisions of the Agreement to your Trust beneficiaries, which may also include provisions for your pets. Living Trusts take effect the moment the document is signed. The entirety of your assets are retitled into the name of the Trust. If your Trust is properly funded, then upon your death, it will not be necessary to conduct Probate proceedings. Unlike a Last Will, which becomes public record upon filing for probate, your Trust is private ensuring that your financial records will not be made available to the public. They can also minimize estate taxes.

Living Will
A Living Will takes effect the moment it is signed. Here you can give specific instructions about medical treatment should you become critically injured, critically ill, or are at the end stage of illness. The Living Will informs your loved ones of YOUR decision as to whether to remain on or terminate life support and/or receive hydration and nourishment.

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